Being present and connected to your body
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Elizabeth Huebner, M.AmSAT has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 35 years. Building on a background in modern dance, she graduated from the School of Alexander Studies in London in 1981.  She has studied with many first generation teachers (those who studied directly with FM Alexander) including Goddard Binkley, Marjorie Barstow, Marjorie Barlow, and Walter and Dilys Carrington.  She has presented Alexander Technique workshops at national meetings of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and throughout the world including England, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

Ms. Huebner is the founder and director of the Connecticut Center for the Alexander Technique, LLC, based in Willimantic and West Hartford, CT, which she opened in 2000.  Her clientele includes people seeking relief from pain as well as performing artists seeking to improve their physical ease, vocal power and performance poise.  She helps people, from all walks of life, discover how to live their lives with greater ease.

She was adjunct faculty at the University of Connecticut, Storrs for 20 years as well as The Hart School, Hartford theater divisions.  She has taught at Universities in Minnesota, Connecticut, and Hong Kong.

The Alexander Technique has been allied with performing arts since its beginning because the founder, F. M. Alexander, was a professional actor who discovered the profound connection between breathing, postural support, and freeing the human potential.  Alexander’s insights have been successfully used and refined over the past hundred years. Ms. Huebner has developed her own integrative style of teaching, using touch, language, and visual cues to assist students in developing the kinesthetic sense to become aware of and change unwanted tensions.  Her work helps students become integrated, and open creative channels, facilitating development of their fullest potential in whatever arena they choose to apply it to.

Elizabeth is currently integrating her dance and Alexander Technique skills while performing tap dance with the Sparkettes and Chinese dance with the Asian Performance Arts in the greater Hartford area.

Ms Huebner holds professional memberships with the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), and the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT), and has served on the board of AmSAT.


As a child my grandfather……


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As a child my grandfather taught me how to row a boat. He curled my hands around the wooden oar handles as he sat behind me in the old wooden row boat we called Evenrude. Gently he guided my hands down to lift the oar tips up, then back to dip them into the water. Next we pulled hard on the oars forward. Woosh! We glided quietly backward. Oars up and back and pull forward. Over and over again. The only sounds were the drip of the water off the oars, the squeak of the oar locks and the water rushing against the sides of the boat. I discovered early in my life how much pleasure using my body could bring. Today, in my mid- sixties, being active still brings great pleasure to my life everyday.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a method for getting rid of unwanted postural habits and movement patterns that interfere with smooth performance—not just performance on stage, but also in living our lives. Whether you tend to get a stiff neck when you play the violin or paint a ceiling or look into a microscope, or lower back pain from working long hours at a desk, the Alexander Technique can help you to improve your overall functioning, move with greater ease, and breathe more deeply.


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