Our work together has been profoundly meaningful physically and spiritually while also being deliciously enjoyable. I am grateful for your gifts as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Laura Donna, late life history buff, gardener and recreational dancer


Elizabeth is a clear, caring, knowledgeable, and highly experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique. Her hands magically convey spaciousness and flow, allowing students to experience new ease and enjoyment in moving. While her many interests and talents include song, dance, gardening, and equestrian arts, Elizabeth first and foremost cares about people and about bringing more wholeness, balance, and fairness into the world. Working with her will enhance your life.

Rabbi Diane Elliot, teacher, movement therapist, and spiritual director


I was initially interested in learning the Alexander Technique to help me progress in my equestrian skills. Three years later I have advanced in so much more than just riding.
The things I have learned with Elizabeth's wonderfully gentle guidance have transcended from my initial goal of helping me with equestrian skills into my everyday life. This includes an improved sense of how to better use my body in my daily life, a greater sense of calm, and a greater ability to reach a state of calm when life throws its inevitable challenges my way.

I love the joy that comes from living in a continual state of learning, achieving, setting new goals, and knowing that with the help of a trusted caring instructor, regardless what that next goal will be, it will be an enlightening journey along the way.

Jenette F, horse rider and corporate executive


After studying with Elizabeth for the past 6 months, not only is my violin playing freer and more relaxed, but I have been able to apply the Alexander Technique principles to swimming and running, two other passions of mine. Day to day, I am also aware of feeling more comfortable sitting in a chair, and having greater range of motion in my neck. I have greatly appreciated Elizabeth's decades of experience, her gift for teaching, and her patience and enthusiasm. She uses an individualized approach, taking into account each person's unique physical attributes. I am hopeful that learning the Alexander Technique fundamentals will continue to benefit me throughout my lifetime.

Lisa K, professional violinist, triathlete


I sought Elizabeth’s help after a static lifestyle and history of surgeries led to a life of daily discomfort. The Alexander Technique offers a greater understanding of the complex beauty of the skeletal and muscular systems that allows for increased pleasure and freedom of everyday movement without invasive techniques or medicines. Thanks to Elizabeth’s infinite patience and creative teaching, I am free to reconnect with my own body and to live life more fully.

Ann Louise S, elementary school teacher


I’m a doctor and I started Alexander lessons with Elizabeth because of trouble with my neck and back during stressful and busy days. I noticed results almost immediately. After just a couple of lessons with Elizabeth, I had less pain and discomfort and more energy. I even started running and playing classical guitar again. Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher, and lessons are always fun and interesting. She creates a supportive place to explore new body movements, and she finds the right words to help me understand the technique and bring it into my everyday activities. The work we have been doing together has made a big impact on my life to reduce stress and tension. I would recommend lessons with Elizabeth for anyone looking to find a greater connection with their body and more freedom and ease in all of their activities.

Doug D, physician


Alexander Technique is a way of organizing our bodies in a healthy and natural way. One of the benefits of this training is that I am free from sciatica and expect to be so for the rest of my life. After nine Alexander sessions with Elizabeth over a four-week period I learned how to organize myself so that I am pain-free.  Over the past two years I have had to call on this knowledge two or three times when I could sense a slight return due to too much activity, and within seconds it was gone. 

For decades I was told by doctors not to climb stairs due to knee problems. I now am able to comfortably and confidently go up and down stairs due my Alexander training.  I am 71 years old and my body functions at a higher level than five years ago due to this training.

Darlene K, vice president, advertising company


As a novice equestrian I came to Elizabeth for help with my balance and posture when riding. Elizabeth's lessons are challenging and fun, and are always tailored to what my body needs. I come away feeling a lightness and freedom of movement that I haven't experienced with other forms of bodywork. I also credit the Alexander Technique with keeping my body functioning well despite serious leg and hip issues. My riding has improved considerably since I started working with Elizabeth—and both my horse and I thank her.

Gillian S, equestrian and scholar


I had been struggling with my breathing for years, and I hoped the Alexander Technique would help me. The lessons have taught me so much more, from the anatomy that supports breath control to a daily regimen of exercises that develop new habits of thinking and movement. As a teacher, Elizabeth Huebner has tailored lessons to my specific needs, adjusting her focus as I have developed better habits, and she has been an encouraging coach, speaking not only to my technique but also to my insecurities and fears. Her years of experience, thorough understanding of the muscular-skeletal system, and generous teaching style have earned my complete trust in her and her instruction; in less than a year, my performances have improved noticeably. I recommend study with Elizabeth Huebner for any performers seeking better command of their instruments on the stage.

Lucretia Anne F, actor, writer


My riding instructor recommended that I try the Alexander Technique to help my riding.  I soon realized that over time my body had become really crooked. I started AT lessons to become a more effective rider, but I soon realized that it applied to every aspect of my life. It took time for me to notice the bad habits I had acquired. Elizabeth has helped and guided me to correct these habits.

Elizabeth is eager to explore all avenues and try different approaches to convey an idea. I feel so fortunate to have taken this journey, and to have Elizabeth to guide me. I have continued to study for almost 20 years and I keep learning new things. I realize how much progress I have made and how important the Alexander Technique is in my life. You only get one body to work with, so it is beneficial to allow it to be the best it can be.

Marla P, horse rider and costume designer


I attended your workshop at UConn and I wanted you to know how much your class changed my voice. It was unbelievable. I went to the practice room on Friday and I sounded like a different person. My voice was open and free. It was beautiful. I have always had problems with tightening which created a pinched sound. Your class changed this in one hour.

Kristen M, singer and student


I have been racing for many years and have had a measure of success for many of those years. I set several varsity cross country course records, won the Manchester Road Race as a senior and set occasional age-group records in masters competitions. I don’t consider myself a natural runner, so I’ve tried to run smart. The Alexander Technique has helped me do that.  The improvements include better form and more strength throughout the race. Unlike in the past, I have been free of significant injuries. I attribute this to my improved balance from studying the Alexander Technique.

Charles D, competitive runner


Our work this semester in the acting program at UCONN has been so non-stressful and it has pushed me so far and changed me enormously. I have learned things about myself I will take with me for the rest of my days.  As I continue to make the changes consistent, my body is becoming more available to express the me who has been buried underneath the old tensions.

Heddy L, actor, graduate student

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a method for getting rid of unwanted postural habits and movement patterns that interfere with smooth performance—not just performance on stage, but also in living our lives. Whether you tend to get a stiff neck when you play the violin or paint a ceiling or look into a microscope, or lower back pain from working long hours at a desk, the Alexander Technique can help you to improve your overall functioning, move with greater ease, and breathe more deeply.


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